about mE ^_^

Mmmm… talking about me? yes…. I think Β  I am a girl who wants many things- ambitious! I love talking so much, watching heart-touching movie till I get my tears falling down. πŸ˜€

Uhm, what else? I do really wanna be a diplomat, have a great wedding organizer that will be my totally inspirations — making a wedding dress, souvenir, invitation and every little thing I think would be funny. ^__^

And my other big dreams are having a social foundation such as making some facilities for poor humans who can not continue their study to a higher level and I wanna be an author. hahah….Β banyak maunya yak? πŸ˜€Β  but hoping so much they would happen someday. Amiiinnn….

I also wanna have nice children when I get married, sharing and caring with them, be a good mother and wife for my little family. hahaha.. πŸ˜€


and I used to hate cooking, but now.. I start cooking, making many cakes I ever tried.

it’s nice….

Most of my friends say that I am vicious, stubborn, selfish, but they also say that I am kind-hearted, cantique (hahaha…:-D), lutchu, pengertian, faithful, yaaa………if you wanna be my friend, you won’t regret!!!

I love you all, my unforgettable friends………. :-*

MΓ½ WisH(043)


14 thoughts on “about mE ^_^

  1. De Zubaidah, kalau jd beli rumah di Metland Cileungsi jangan lupa ya mampir dan ajak temen2 ke Amazy Fried Chicken. Maaf promosi nih de tksh… hehehe…

  2. nice…
    tapi foto yg manyun di samping ini gk enak bgt di liat…
    ganti sama yg lgi cantik donk… πŸ™‚

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