My Dream, Finland

indexIt’s such an ambition – a big ambition. Well, long time no write on my personal blog due to my very crowded-busy-jobs. You know, now I have been working in a leading certification and verification company which I told here in my previous article. A fun job with a fun salary and fun friends. Hahaha….

Though I work in a very busy situation; I have to reply dozens mails even I once received hundreds mails and should be reviewed them besides doing my main duty, but it is fun anyway. Then, how could I balance between working and studying? It’s difficult indeed, but I should have known the consequences of being employee besides I do lecturing too. Well, last Saturday – as usual, I went lecturing. Meeting up with various friends and lecturers made my day really fun. You know, I do really wanna be a diplomat and English lecturer as I told anywhere, anytime for many times as always. Hahah… then, I got the brighter thing I should decide for my future. My friend asked me about our planning to continue our education to a higher level. I said, I wanna work in overseas next year. I planned to move and do moving my education to the destination. But, she told me about studying in Finland for free. Yeahh… I do realize that my knowledge about studying in overseas is really narrow and shallow.

You know, my desire to go there is growing so strong. I cannot wait any longer to see my next 2 years. I just changed my planning to work and study overseas. I have to be patient to wait my graduation of my bachelor degree. I am going crazy you know. Haaahhhhh…… how could I wait too long, I am still in 2nd grade. It’ll be 2 years again to get my bachelor degree. But I am really sure that I can make it through. Oh my Goodness, please make it fast. Make it mine, make it true. I wanna go there. I wanna study in Finland. No dream is too high and there’s no impossible way to make it real. Happen or not, I put my hope in my deepest heart. I make it true someday. I’ll remember this writing and read it again to remind me that I always have hope, dreams, and wishes in any difficult situation. 🙂

SGS Indonesia, Jakarta

November 24th, 2014


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