::The Hero of My Life::

The Hero of My Life,

Actually, I do really want to share anything passing to my life on this blog – I have no much time. Because I also have so many assignments from college, I remembered to Speaking assignment to be presented in front of my classmates. It was entitled “The Hero of My Life”. So, this is what I wrote to my Speaking assignment.

This is a story of the hero of my life. I tried to recall who my heroes are. I thought over who is deserved to be my hero, and I have no any right to say this is my hero and that is not. I only think that everyone comes to my life is my hero, or otherwise – everyone whom I know.

There must be a special one who deserves to be our hero. You may say your hero is your great mother, your beloved father, your lovely sisters or brothers, your children, your friends, your girl/ boyfriends. Even you may say your hero is a doctor who has helped you for example.

But, in my life, my hero came to teach me something in different ways. Why I said everyone I know or everyone knows me is my hero is just because I learned so many things, so many lessons from him or her.


My family is my hero. My mom gave me birth into the world with full of fighting. My beloved father, my sisters and brother are my hero in helping each other. That’s heroes of my life. My friends are also my heroes, wherever they are. They told me and taught me something I’ve never known before though they did not tell me by the words. They are my hero in learning togetherness. Not only my friends are my hero, but also my enemies (too extreme if I say enemies I guess) let me say rivals. They are also my heroes in learning attitude. I learned from them how to be a good personal that could be loved and loving. That’s the hero of my life.

My hero is also my neighbor. He/ she teach me how to socialize each other. I also learned how to love sincerely from feeling broken of my ex boyfriends. That’s heroes of my life in loving. I seemed being told to not be a bad person by being met someone who behaved unwell. That someday, I might be like that if I don’t meet them. That’s hero of my life in behaving well.

I met annoying teachers who underestimated to me, but from them, I learned to do my best, to study hard. They told me I have to be a great person someday by their own ways telling. That’s hero of my life. Even, my heroes are every song I heard, every movie I watched, every place I stepped my feet on that, every book I read, and of course every job I did. That’s heroes of my life.

For me, life is beautiful and colorful. It depends on how we face it patiently and sincerely. For me, there’s no any hero without meeting you all. I just want to say that everything who goes and comes to my life is my hero. Every dream, every fail, every success, every mistake, happiness, every sadness, even every suffering are my heroes of my life. They taught me in different ways – in different things how to be a better person each single day. That’s the story of hero of my life.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds me the strength to preserve and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles”. ~Christopher Reeve~


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