for Speaking Mid Test


He used to be my English teacher when I was in Junior High School. His name is Mr. Nasution. I didn’t like any English at that time because, perhaps, I didn’t like that teacher, and the way he taught. I thought that he also didn’t like me because I was so stupid in learning English. He used to ask me anything I couldn’t answer. So, he got angry and asked me to get out of his class. My English was very poor. I used to cheat in doing test or any exercises he gave then the teacher knew about it because we made a same mistake in answering the questions. Because of that, I attempted to master English. I felt so heartache because of that. Then, I wanna saw to everyone that I could speak English well. I could master English, I could show them that English is very easy to learn. I learned how to understand English by my self. I promised to my self that Mr. Nasution would forget that I was a stupid one of his student. I do really remember when I study English with an English handbook, the cover contained Mickey Mouse, meant that the book is for kids. I felt so shy if there was anyone saw me that Junior High School student was still studying English using that book. That’s why I used to lock my room then I tried to understand the whole material explained on that book. How lucky I was. I felt more confident in speaking or writing English after that. I wished that in Senior High School, I could be a better one in learning English. But, I met a same teacher like when I was in Junior High School. Yes, he was Mr. Nasution. But, I thought that it a big challenge for me to show that I had understood about English. And I proved it then he agreed. But now, when remembering that, I feel so lucky having a teacher like Mr. Nasution, perhaps, I wouldn’t know any English yet if I didn’t meet him. Thanking to Him giving that chance for me.

Entering the 2nd of Senior High School, I met a great English teacher. He was Mr. Karnaen. How lucky I was having that great teacher. He taught us about the basic knowledge of learning grammar. We only learned 3 lessons 2 semesters or it could be said only a year. But, it really really influenced our English. We know what the different between Verb and Noun, we knew about the part of speech, making sentences using passive and active. I learned by that great teacher. I will never forget him. He was a great teacher I ever had. Some of my friends felt so jealous with me because Mr. Karnaen used to care for me in the class. I confessed that he would underestimate with student who couldn’t understand what he taught. And, again, I felt so lucky. Because Mr. Karnaen used to care for me, I wish Allah will care for him too as always.

Then, entering 3rd of Senior High School, I also met a best English Teacher. He was Mr. Hidayat. He taught us based on his syllabus, not based on our curriculum. I felt so shallow student because he taught us about concord, subject verb agreement and also about collocation. Those were very difficult to understand. But I tried to get all the lesson he explained. I still remember when he offered me to continue my education to a higher lever but I had to take English. Whatever English was, either Education or Literature he would like to give me a tuition fee. But, again, Allah had a best way to my life. I knew that life doesn’t always go my way. We received nothing we wanted but we received everything w needed. That is why I always think that what I get now is the best way from God. Whatever it is, I try to be a positive thinker in God’s whole plans and always involve Allah in doing anything. Insyallah. Amiinn……………


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