:: I Will Be an Event Organizer of My Unforgettable Wedding ::

I have many wishes when I get married with someone who really loves me and otherwise of course..

Perhaps, someone will say “just believe someone in doing this”.

But… I’ll be an event organizer of my unforgettable wedding!

I wanna be a nice princes in my wedding, beautiful, and amaze everyone who attends it. Yes, I will….

Do you know something? I have been preparing it from now.  I’ll collect anything that I think it’ll be fun, useful and of course it has to be a simple thing such as dish, make up, bed cover and sprei, blanket, towl, tupperware.

I think it’s a great moment and fun to do. I feel really happy and satisfied when collecting and doing this, even I don’t know when I will get married and I don’t know also with whom I will get it… Hahaha….. is it strange for you? I don’t think so. I even have thought I will prepare every little thing for my wedding, nice wedding dress, decoration, food & beverage, souvenir,  make up,  accessories and an invitation, even I have thought about shoes I will wear, soft lens and hand- bouquet. 😀

It’s a great thing I don’t wanna lose it… Wish it will happen… Amiiiinnn……….

BP Bukaka, 11 Mei 2012


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