“Aku hanya menduga tidak mampu merasa sebenar-benar perasaan mu…”

You are around me, when I am sleeping, when I am doing anything, even… you are  around me when I don’t wanna think about you anymore..

forget about us, let bygones. it won’t happen again. even you have been trying to have it again–it can be back to us….

if only we have it back tomorrow, it will not be the same as we had it all.

I have another one, you do..

Is it really difficult to let me go?

just let me go….!

don’t try to have me again, we are different.

we weren’t made for each other, realize it dear…

even we love each other, it doesn’t mean we could be together.

we won’t be together till we let us admit what we have been feeling between us.

I promise, I will not hold your hand till you hold mine first.

promise me dear, you will do it. do it for me…

you know I have been long waiting that moment.

you know how patient I am passing my own time without you.

how much I miss you so…

“call me crazy, call me blind to still be suffering is stupid after all this time”

come back to me, my heart…


come back to me… 😥

you know I have so much stories to share with you, to tell you about us we used to do, about our dream we used to make.

do you still remember?

I — even– cannot write how much I miss you…

I do miss you…

I do miss you…

I do miss you…

I am sure, you will know it sooner or later…


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