Wali Al-Fattaah had conducted a meeting with some Moslems personalities after a congress of Masyumi IV in Yogyakarta as well as Moslem congress all over Indonesia (1-5 Rabiul awwal 1369 H/20-25 December 1949 AD). This meeting discussed about how to unite Moslem more deeply. Although it is not found how to unite Moslems people in accordance with the guidance of Rasulullah SAW, but a suggestion to found a political party was strictly refused.

In the beginning of 1953 AD Wali Al-Fattaah begun to comprehend about how Rasulullah SAW and his followers applying the Qur’an and how the united form and Moslem society conducted at that time. At last, after conducting a meeting and congress several times, it was declared a Hizbullah Islamic movement in the form of Jama’ah, then it became Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah), on 10 Dzulhijjah 1372 H/ 20 August 1953 AD and Waali Al-Fattaah was performed the ba’yah as Imaam (a leader). This Islamic Hizbullah movement is not organization or political party.

By being re-determined Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) as an application of Allah SWT command concerning to surah Ali Imron 102-103, and command of Rasulullah SAW” We must unite ourselves into one single ummah under one leader”. Unfortunately, there were unconcerned action After informing the existence of Islamic Hizbullah Movement and its Imaam, and even they were critically said whether we will go to previous age.


Hizbullah is not a troops, political party or common groups that comes from human creation but it is a group or ummah who keeps obedience and follows Allah SWT and Rasullulah SAW commands called Al-Jama’ah or Jama’ah Muslimin.

The spirit of Hizbullah being declared in Aduch Staat building (Bappenas) Jakarta, on Iedul Adha day, 10 Dzulhijjah 1372 H/ 20 August 1953 M was reflected from determined-strategic movements as follows :

By applying and performing Al Qur’an and Sunnatur Rasulullah will be a source of victory and glorious.

A unification of all Moslem that is not divided, separated and even being fight each other was a form of Ukhuwah Islamiyah both in ease and difficulties as well as in jihad.

After declaring Islamic Hizbullah Movement as a form of Jama’ah, then the following day it was informed by various mass media such as : Daulat Rakyat, Kengpo and Pedoman


After having no positive reaction and comments from Moslem, it was held first Congress of Ahlul Halli Wal ‘Aqdi on 15-18 Jumadil Awal 1376 H/ 18-21 December 1956 AD, in Jl Menteng Raya 58 Jakarta.

This congress decided :”It is an obligatory for Islamic World nowadays to choose a khaleefah (Ameer-ul-Mo’mineen) / leader of faithful”. The implementation of this decision is given to Moslem ummah all over the world, hoping that there is no hesitation to take an initiative for this purpose.

In order to face third World War that is probably happened then, none of all Moslem ummah must give their side to any block (West or East Blocks). Then all Moslem ummah all over the world must form their own block themselves called Jama’ah Moslemeen all over the world in order to give a dignity and victorious era in the future.

If the congress being held by political parties is usually attended by branches or certain regional attendance, however Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) , that at time still called Hizbullah in the form of Jama’ah, invited not only from Hizbullah themselves but also people from outside hizbullah who has a serious interest in facing Islamic and Moslem problems.

The decision of this first congress of Ahlul Halli Wal Aqdi was not only important for Hizbullah itself but also by some A’lim Ulemas (religious Leaders) such as Al – Ustadz Jamalullail who participated to analyze Qur’an and Hadith resources about the obligation of Jamaah for Moslem.

This decision was informed via radio station by Ust ‘Abdullah bin Nuh in 1376 H/1956 AD who has a position as Chairman of Arabic International Information of RRI at that time.


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