God Conciousness




Silent Presence

That is All that abides here

Nothing to gain

Nothing to obtain

Only Peaceful Silent Presence

Freedom is the natural way of being

With no attachment to any form of Creation

For what could fulfil you

But the knowingness that You are the God you seek


Eternally flowing from a Heart

That only desires to extend itself as Love

Forever filled with the wondrous Wisdom of the Divine

That effortlessly guides all the body-mind

Would do, think and say

Desire only loving thoughts

Filled with the Divinity of your Being

Be only That which you have been created to be

The extension of Love in form

Allowing all forms of Love to flow through you

Without impediment

For you are the dance and play of Creation itself

Breathing Life into all things

And yet free of all things

Knowing the Truth of your Being

As Eternal Love

Unborn & Undying

Forever One with All

Be This Always

Rest now in the Awareness of the Heart

As the Source of All you Desire


3 thoughts on “God Conciousness

  1. wwwiiihh.. artikel nya bagus-bagus banget, kayanya cocok deh jadi penulis… klo bisa cih diperdalam ya.. jangan malas2an,, terus gali ilmu jgn pantang nyerah karena ilmu itu adalah sesuatu yang sangat ringan di bawa kemanapun tp sangat bermanfaat buat kita betul apa betul????
    oh ya btw ini siapa kita kan blm kenal…

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